This Easter We Need His Help Like Never Before

Hope in the Cross

Easter. It brings to mind tulips and daffodils; dressing up in our “Sunday” best; hearing the resurrection or Passover stories; and celebrating with family and friends around a dinner table. That is, that’s what it brings to mind in previous years. But this year? Well, this year is different.

Though our circumstances vary, every person on the planet feels fear or heartbreak or overwhelm at some level as we approach Easter and Passover this year. Watching the news makes that painfully clear. This year we need the hope that comes with the cross and resurrection, and the grace represented in the Passover story. In a word, we need God like never before.

So, as we move through this strangest of Easter and Passover seasons, many of us isolated in our homes, and millions of others putting their lives on the line to save ours, let’s pause to remember the Hope found in the season. Let’s cling to the promise found in faith and resurrection; the gratitude found in grace and redemption.

Those remembrances won’t alleviate all the heartbreak we feel and see, or the fear we feel and hear. But they will remind us we are never truly alone in our pain and our struggles. Even if we’re only breathing because of a ventilator. And even when someone we love deeply draws their final breath.

In it all, God is still with us in it. And He understands our heartache and cares. Thank you, Lord.