Restoring the Shack

When a client recently shared that she had discovered  Restoring the Shack on Amazon Prime’s videos selection, and how it was making a big impact on her, I couldn’t wait to take a look for myself. William P. Youngs’ The Shack has been powerful in my life, too, and I was eager to discover Restoring the Shack for myselfAnd as expected, I’ve not been disappointed.

If you don’t know William P. Youngs’ story, his childhood was full of sexual abuse, and his adulthood had been full of sex addiction, until it was discovered by his wife, Kim. William’s is a powerful story, and he is a powerful story teller. Whether you have in the past, or still struggle with sex addiction, or you are a partner who has experienced the deep, searing pain of betrayal trauma, I highly recommend you check out Restoring the Shack for yourself. It provides potent spiritual medicine.

During the 20 segments that are 20 – 30 minutes in length, and set in the mountains of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, William powerfully shares about the love and grace and mind-boggling commitment God has for each of us. But I want to warn you, like William, and like me, you will likely experience times of tears as you strive to wrap your mind around how the God of the universe could be so committed to you. 

Even if you still struggle with addiction. Or you feel like healing will never come. I promise that with time and hard work, they can be yours. And Restoring the Shack can hasten your process.

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