Healing Rain. Month 2.

Healing Rain: A Daily Devotional & Prayer Journal For Partners of Sex Addicts – Installment 2

This is a downloadable PDF version of the devotional. Purchasing this item gives you the rights to use this devotional for one person. If you want to share the materials with another person, another copy must be purchased.

Healing Rain was written to provide a daily infusion of ongoing comfort from God’s word integrated with the life principles necessary to maintain emotional health when we love someone who has betrayed us sexually,” says Coach Christy. “It is so easy to slide into old thinking patterns as life goes on; Healing Rain provides a counter-balance to that slide. It can help insure we don’t lose the ground we’ve gained and give us a daily spiritual lift at the same time.”

It was Christy who chose the title Healing Rain. When asked where the name originated she cited a song that inspired her desire to use that name. But it is this quote from the book, The Shack, that confirmed it:

“Oh child,” spoke Papa tenderly. “Don’t ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of joy. Sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak.”

You can receive your daily Healing Rain devotion for just $3.99 a month. Daily encouragement and a journaling question written specifically to bring hope and continued growth to partners of sexual addicts. We are excited to share this new way to continue your healing journey with you!

What a wonderful set of daily devotionals. I am so grateful that you have undertaken this project. I look forward to many more months of receiving these poignant, thought-provoking devotionals. Even though my “discovery” happened on August 30, 2008 and I am working on healing myself, there is a little reinforcing lesson each day along with a message of hope.


Prescott, AZ”