Effective Boundaries $90 Twice a Month for 3 Months.

How to Create & Use Effective Boundaries with Coach Carin

In her book, “Moving Beyond Betrayal. The 5-Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts” Vicki Tidwell Palmer says: “Your greatest source of strength and safety comes from your practice of good self-care through the use of effective boundaries—knowing how they work, how to create them, and what to do when they’re broken.”

The devastation sexual betrayal brings to your life can leave you feeling like a helpless victim with no control over your situation. Being part of this group discussion, you, the partner will be supported and have an opportunity to share, receive and respond in a safe place. Honest and vulnerable interactions between members and the facilitator dissolve the isolation, otherness and shame we are struggling with.

-You will evaluate the health of your relationship with the addict, and change unhealthy marital dynamics.

-You will learn how to create good and healthy boundaries.

-You will gain insight in your reality and how to own it.

-You will learn to identify your needs and wants, and how to communicate them in a healthy way.

-You will discover you have personal power, and learn to use it to eradicate victimhood and stop the chaotic dance.

-You will end ultimatums and unsuccessful attempts at control by learning to make requests that lead to clarity and bring resolutions.

-You will learn how to deal with broken boundaries.

Join us for a group discussion every week, and learn skills that can transform all your relationships, including your marriage if you are still with your partner, and lead to healthier communication and a happier lifestyle.

This group meets every week for 1½ hours for 12 weeks.

$45 a week for 12 weeks = $540.

Pay in full or 3 monthly payments of $180.00.

Or $90 twice a month for 3 months!


It requires the purchase of Vicki Palmer’s Moving Beyond Betrayal available on Amazon.


For questions, please contact carin@acircleofjoy.com.

$90.00 / 15 days