I Can Stop 30 Day DVD Course + 30 Days to Hope & Freedom

Bundle: I Can Stop 30 Day DVD Course for Sex Addicts + 30 Days to Hope & Freedom


Bundle: I Can Stop 30 Day DVD Course for Sex Addicts + 30 Days to Hope & Freedom


I Can Stop 30 day 3-DVD course

Have you ever wished there was a way to do recovery from sexual addiction from your own home that was both affordable and effective? In this 30 Day video course, put together by Dr. Mlton Magness, you will learn:

  • How sexual addiction got hold of you & how to get free
  • Many tools for dealing with intrusive thoughts and visual threats
  • How to utilize the Recovery Point System to prevent relapse
  • How to live permanently in freedom

To learn more, go to: http://www.hopeandfreedom.com/icanstop/

30 Days to Hope & Freedom from Sexual Addiction Workbook

This is a workbook for sexual addicts by Dr. Milton Magness. It gives a step-by-step approach for recovery for those who are just entering recovery and those who want to raise their recovery to the next level.

Several unique features of this book include:

  • Introduction of the Recovery Points System:  a way of tracking recovery progress by earning recovery points.  This tool not only helps get a person firmly established in recovery but it is a powerful relapse prevention tool.
  • iRecovery—An iPhone app is coordinated with this book.  It utilized the Recovery Points System and also allows the user to bring all parts of their recovery together into one easy to use app.  A free version is this app can be found in the Apple Store and also at www.RecoveryApp.com.
  • All worksheets in this book are available online.  Readers are given the URL of the website that contains fillable PDF files of all the worksheets.

The thirty day plan has one chapter for the reader each day.  Following that plan will ensure that readers are solidly in recovery and have eliminated the typical causes of slips and relapse.