Betrayal Trauma Support Group. $180 X 3 Months

This 12-week Zoom or Telephone support group for partners of sex addicts is designed to help you share and process your heartache surrounding your partner’s struggle with sexual addiction. It meets weekly for an hour and a half on Zoom or conference call line. Join your facilitator and three other women each week as you work through and process Marsha Means’ workbook, From Betrayal Trauma to Healing & Joy. This group and the workbook provide a place to process your pain and the many other emotions you are dealing with; helps you learn what detachment is and how to use it to help you heal; teaches you healthy self-care; equips you with numerous tools for healing and empowerment; and imparts understanding of several other topics partners need help with, including, among others, boundaries, forgiveness, reconnecting with yourself, and starting again, whether you are alone or with your husband. Due to our focused training in trauma, we are able to add an extra focus on understanding trauma and processing trauma.

This group meets every week for 1½ hours for 12 weeks.

$180.00 / month