One-on-One Coaching

We know how lost and alone you feel when you make the shattering discovery that the one you love has betrayed you, often hundreds of times. We remember not knowing where to turn with our own painful secrets, and not knowing what to do with the many questions that circled endlessly in our heads:

“How could he do this?” “I thought he loved me.” “What should I do now?” “Will we survive this?” “Will life ever be normal again?”

The anxiety and depression created by betrayal trauma calls for safe, understanding, and knowledgeable help. That’s why we offer counseling, coaching and support groups. At times we all need a safe, caring guide to help us through the confusing maze, and we’re here to help you find your way.

We are available to guide you down the pathway of healing that has worked for us. We’ve discovered that each of us can heal, no matter what our husbands choose to do; that we don’t have to settle for resentment and bitterness; and that even this pain can provide new strength and understanding if we will invest in our own healing process.

We stand ready to help. We invite you to reach out for hope with a heart. You and your healing are definitely worth it!

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