Naming & Taming Our Powerful Feelings

Feelings. We all have them, but often we can’t label them and don’t know what to do with them, even after we figure out where and what they are.

But whether you are a hurting, betrayed partner, or a recovering sex addict, knowing and understanding your feelings is paramount to your healing and ongoing sobriety—and your efforts to rebuild your relationship. It’s impossible to resonate with the feelings of others if we aren’t in touch with our own. 

And it can be downright dangerous to try. Often, anger is the primary emotion in early healing and early sex addiction recovery, and if you aren’t in touch with that emotion before you react, it has the power to destroy both your relationship and your sobriety!

But thanks to the internet, an increasing number of resources are available to help us discover, share, and work through whatever is going on inside.

I want to share one of those most powerful resources by asking you to watch this short Good Morning America video. You will want to share it with your children, too, because it’s changing children’s lives across the country, and helping them identify and process their own emotions. 

And for you recovering sex addicts out there, I encourage you to consider reading Dr. Brackett’s book. Or, at the very least, please download and use his 99 cent Mood Meter app to help you identify, track and understand your internal reality. Because until you do, you are at risk of turning to your drug of choice to cope with your internal unrest, never realizing you are giving in to your devastating coping mechanism of acting out sexually, and putting your relationships at terrible risk.

And if you identify that you need more help with feelings and how to heal your relationship, I invite you to consider joining me and a group of four of you men to work through the workbook, Helping Her Heal. If you do, you will get help with feelings, empathy, and much more during our approximately 14 – 16 weeks together.