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Partners of Sex Addicts Assessment

We know how betrayal trauma shreds your heart, and leaves you feeling lost and alone. That’s why we’re available to you for a no-cost, hour-long phone call, at no obligation to you. It’s our gift for every new woman who comes our way, no strings attached, because we remember how desperately we needed support and direction when we were where you now find yourself. And we’d love to talk with you.

My sexually addicted husband/partner is involved in

I feel myself monitoring my husband's activities constantly

I am preoccupied by the situation

I can not carry out normal responsibilities

This has turned my world upside down

There are times when I feel like giving up on life

I have people to talk to about the situation

I am seeing a counselor

He is currently seeking help

We are separated

When is the best time to call?

Is it ok to leave a message?

I am interested in more information about telephone support groups

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