Finding A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar Facebook

In the midst of this monster-like global pandemic, we’ve been given a prescription, a prescription that includes social distancing, and for many, complete isolation. But we are social creatures and we need relationship, connection, and touch to thrive, especially when we’re afraid and lonely. So at best, it’s difficult to take this “medicine.” Anxiety and loneliness abound. And since I wrote this paragraph seven days ago, the horror of the world’s reality has grown, and is increasing the fear and isolation we feel.

I have an idea. In the English language, we have a saying:

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

What “medicine” could possibly make our required separation more bearable? What can also counter the fear and heartache we feel when we watch the news?

I believe the best medicine available to us, besides faith and prayer, can come from a form of togetherness and hope—via technology. If we can band together and share hope to help us endure the “medicine” of distance and isolation, we will find a way to make it. We are all in this boat together. The whole world is facing the possibility of total financial failure; of loss of many medical professionals and first responders; and of people we love who succumb to the virus. Let’s connect and create enough hope and faith to make it through this painful time in human history.

Every day we see news stories about individuals, companies, governments, and our heroic health care providers and first responders who are working to alleviate the pain being experienced on every continent—heroic people who provide hope when hope is desperately needed. Let’s find those stories and share them. They will provide some much-needed medicine; medicine that can help us get through this together.

We invite you to join us in creating togetherness by posting stories of hope and courage on our Facebook page, A Spoonful of Sugar-Stories of Hope.

Spoonful of Sugar Facebook

Let’s join hands and touch each other’s lives, even as we isolate. If we do, we will get through this together!