Does sex addiction lead to pedophilia?

In general, the answer is no. Though I know several people who didn’t start out using children sexually, but ended up there. One important take-away is to understand that those who make pornography create content that can take the viewer further and further along a continuum, by overtime including animals, same sex content, group sex, and young-looking young people. Porn is designed to lure the viewer further and further in, and it’s possible for the user to be numb to the fact that they have likely crossed a line to viewing children. And all it takes is an FBI agent monitoring the viewer to change a family’s life forever. Having walked with several women on that painful path, it’s a wise person who avoids it altogether.

I don’t specialize in pedophilia, so I won’t venture further on this topic. But I have personally known several pedophiles after they were in recovery. And in my experience, a true pedophile—someone who doesn’t begin with porn, but instead is a child molester from the beginning—generally has unresolved emotional and psychological issues, almost always rooted in their childhood, that planted the seed for his or her sexual deviation.

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