Can I ever heal from betrayal trauma? Will this pain ever go away?

We know well the pain you feel. Millions of women share your heartache. But if you make yourself a priority, and find resources to help you grieve and work through your feelings, time will heal most, and perhaps all, of the pain in your broken heart. In addition, take time to learn about sex addiction and co-addiction so that you can deal with any behaviors that you may have contributed to the subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) games that typically play out in addict’s homes. Learning more about this addiction will also help you avoid (or try to avoid) being attracted to another man with the same broken places. Of course, greater and quicker healing will come if your husband’s heart softens and he commits to his own intensive recovery process so that your marriage holds hope for restoration. But regardless of what he ultimately does, work hard to become your own, separate person, a woman who can deal with life on life’s terms. Ask God to give you the courage, wisdom, and strength required to walk through life on planet Earth feeling secure in your value as a precious daughter of the King of the universe, and strong enough to make the tough decisions about your future if your husband doesn’t want to get help.

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