Can a sex addict heal?

Yes, a sex addict can heal, but healing requires a rigorous program and consistent lifestyle-changes. Most people who treat sex addiction recommend Sex Addicts Anonymous, or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, though there are other programs that have developed over the last 20+ years that can also lead to freedom from addiction. But all sexual addiction recovery requires support and accountability, which is built into the 12-step program. In addition, most sex addicts also need to work with a therapist to resolve childhood trauma and any family of origin issues that can contribute to their using sexual activity as a medication for their emotional pain.

Some sex addicts determine that in time they can stop attending meetings, while continuing to abide my certain lifestyle changes. However, for some, that leads to eventual relapse. It has been said that recovery is a team sport, and it’s a wise addict who maintains safe, honest relationships that provide support and accountability. Doing so provides the best insurance policy against relapse.

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