As a Christian, I have learned that if we turn our struggles over to God and take responsibility for our sin, and spend more time in the Bible and in prayer, we will gain freedom from things like sexual addiction. Isn’t that all my husband needs to do?

While He walked this Earth, the Son of God proved again and again that He is capable of miraculously touching a life, and in that touch, delivering an instantaneous miracle of healing. Even since He left the Earth for his heavenly home, God has demonstrated himself through miracles on many occasions. Yet His display of instantly healing us doesn’t happen often during the times in which we live. Rather, the Bible instructs us to “work out our salvation,” and repeatedly it tells us that change is generally a process that comes from our obedience to Him over time, sometimes over a lifetime. Yes, the on-going freedom we long to see in our husbands often results from a process that requires that he diligently exercise certain spiritual principles in his choices and life.

That is one reason why the 12 step process provides the tools and skills we need to keep addiction in check if we use the process on a daily basis. Each of the steps is grounded in spiritual truths. We know that God promises that his word will not return to us void. This is one reason the steps work, if we work them, even for people who do not know God when they begin to work them. And when you understand that the 12 step process includes a cognitive/behavioral component proven helpful in the treatment of addictions, you realize that this process holds what can be a powerful 1-2 punch in the lives of those who work it.

So, yes, we need to utilize the elements of our Christianity to grow and gain increasing freedom from sin of all kinds, but the physiology of addiction is often more easily contained from the addition of 12 step elements.

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