Facebook Groups

A Circle of Joy has launched 2 new Facebook community groups as an additional resource of a safe space & support for our readers. Both of these groups are female only groups & will be monitored to protect the privacy of our members as much as possible.
1) “Betrayal Trauma Sisterhood”     www.facebook.com/groups/855665581299958/
This is a “closed” privacy level group open to female partners (or ex-partners) of men struggling with sexual addiction. This group is welcome to be shared with any female partner, whether associated with ACOJ or not. Please note that this group has a list of 3 questions with answers required for member request acceptance.
2) “A Circle of Sisters (Private) Community”
This is a “secret” privacy level group open only to those who have participated in Journey to Healing and Joy Phone Support Group. This group is unsearchable & can only be accessed by invitation. If you would like access to this group please private message A Circle of Joy Facebook page & let us know who your group coach was/is when you participated. Only members of the group may see who is in the group & see posted content.

For more info on Facebook group privacy levels, go here: www.facebook.com/help/220336891328465

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you engage, connect, & support one another on this journey