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Dr. Milton Magness, Houston, TX


Though the founder, Dr. Milton Magness, has retired, he trained several other therapists across the United States to facilitate the three-day intensives for couples that he designed in his Houston practice. While these intensives are a great way to do a therapeutic disclosure, polygraph, and impact letter, they are not designed to do follow-up support after those three intensive days. However, some of those he trained offer that follow up as well, so when communicating with a Hope and Freedom practitioner, ask about follow-up counseling, if you don’t already have a support team established.  

Over the years, we’ve seen scores of couples participate in one of these three-day intensives, then go on to heal a marriage so damaged by sexual addiction, most would think it was beyond saving.

His resources are still available through the Hope and Freedom website: www.hopeandfreedom.com. And his videos can still be seen on his YouTube channel.



An Endorsement from Dr. Milton Magness

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous

ISA is a trauma-focused 12 step group, and I ask every woman dealing with sex addiction in her primary relationship to print the ISA tools.
These resources can really help. And once you have done a group that will help you deal with your trauma and PTSD, such as those we offer, an ISA phone group provides wonderful supportive maintenance.

Recovering sex addict Pastor Darrell Brazell’s helpful free talks on sex addiction topics

Darrell presents a wealth of helpful information about a wife’s pain and healing, and many powerful no-cost presentations about the sex addict and the addiction. Like all sites, his changes from time to time, but look for and find the free teaching downloads. We strongly recommend you listen to at least these two, if you don’t have time to hear them all. They are titled:

  • Brain Science and Sex Addiction
  • Attachment

Paul Young, Author of The Shack –
Watch Paul as he vulnerably shares his sexual addiction story


Paul’s story helps us understand how early-life pain can set the stage for sexual addiction throughout life. As you listen to Paul’s honest vulnerability you may gain greater understanding of how your husband ended up in sex addiction.

Sex Addiction & Erectile Dysfunction: There is Hope! 

Girls, there’s good news: it isn’t about you. Rather, the addiction has made changes in his brain. As you watch and listen to this information-packed video, you’ll see SPECT scans of sex addicts’ brains, showing the changes that take place above his eyebrows, not below his belt. And you’ll also see that the damage to his brain can be reversed if—and it’s a big if—he wants it badly enough to do the work it takes to reclaim his sexuality, his marriage, and your bedroom. We hope you find it as helpful as we did.

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