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Coach Jodi

Coach Jodi's Picture

Jodi’s passion for helping women heal the pain of their partner’s sexual addiction began when she discovered her husband’s use of porn and grappled with his accompanying sexual and emotional anorexia and the searing pain it produced in her life. Her quest to find a way to rekindle the joy in her marriage led her to AWHJ in 2009.

Jodi’s coaching experience includes certification as a Celebrate Calm Coach where she helped children and families deal with the challenges of ADD/ADHD; her role as a volunteer Success Coach with Touchpoint Connection, a program for high school students; five years as a middle school youth group leader; and raising four wonderful sons to adulthood, and step parenting her husband’s two children through their teen s. She also worked for 17 years in a university setting where she helped students find their own path in a large institution.

Now Jodi helps hurting partners of sex addicts find their way, which she says “…is both a privilege and a blessing for me. “ Together, Jodi and her husband continue to work to fully restore the joy in their marriage. “The hope I now have for my marriage fuels in me a passion to bring hope and encouragement to other couples. Isaiah 61:3 expresses it well: “To care for the needs of all who mourn in Zion, give them bouquets of roses instead of ashes, messages of joy instead of news of doom, a praising heart instead of a languid spirit,” The Message.

Jodi’s Story

Since discovering my husband’s porn addiction three years ago I have learned a lot about sex addiction and more recently, about the less talked about issue of sexual or emotional anorexia.  I call it the “silent killer” of marriages because the pain, confusion, and often the deep sense of shame it produces in wives drives them further into isolation and silence about what does not go on in their relationships and bedrooms.

This complication of sexual addiction, and my need for help and understanding of it thrust me into a series of painful experiences I never dreamed awaited me.  Fortunately, God has blessed me with a tenacious spirit and instilled in me enough faith to keep putting one foot in front of the other as I ran what felt like a “gauntlet of recovery” with some of this country’s best practitioners, yet I failed to find helpful answers or resources.

However, what I did encounter are some of the most amazing women; women whose strength and resiliency continue to encourage me on my own journey. I also learned that at least some of these partners have felt misunderstood by “traditional recovery,” just as I have. For this reason I was deeply grateful when I found help with a heart here at A Woman’s Healing Journey. And I’m excited to join the team as a coach and provide support, encouragement, and the power of an understanding presence to the women still out there without hope. I’ve found that hope can happen when someone is willing to walk with us through our pain, and to share their hope when ours is worn out. Doing this for other women is both a privilege and a blessing for me.

  In her spare time you’ll find Jodi on the golf course with her husband, or hosting parties and feeding the many people in her life who keep her joy bucket full. She has been known to take the commandment, “Feed my sheep” literally!

Areas of Specialty: Sexual anorexia Partner’s Healing Journey support groups; International telephone support groups for women living outside the United States and Canada who cannot find resources in their own countries.

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