Betrayal Trauma Quiz

On a scale of 0-5, 5 being extremely, and 0 not at all, answer the following questions:

Since learning about my partner’s betrayal…

  1. I feel unsafe, especially with him. ___
  2. My mind won’t stop spinning, and I can’t concentrate. ___
  3. My mind races when I go to bed, and it’s extremely difficult to sleep. ___
  4. My mind feels flat and shut down, and I struggle to get out of bed. ___
  5. I have horrible nightmares and wake up exhausted. ___
  6. I need his comfort, but he is the enemy. My body feels confused. ___
  7. I sometimes feel like I’m reliving discovery. It’s like my brain keeps replaying what has happened, and I can’t make it stop. ___
  8. I’m hypervigilant, and I jump at every little noise. ___
  9. I don’t feel safe anywhere outside my home. ___
  10. Since discovery, I feel alone, even with my former best friends and family. ___
  11. I’m terrified friends and/or my family will find out about my partner’s betrayal. ___
  12. I feel enormous shame. ___
  13. I no longer trust my intuition; I somehow missed this. What else might I be missing? ___
  14. I feel nauseous and can barely get food down. ___
  15. I’m losing weight and people are starting to notice. ___
  16. I can’t make myself stop checking up on him. ___
  17. My emotions are like a roller coaster ride that I can’t get off. ___
  18. My heart races and I can’t relax. ___
  19. I’ve been plagued with headaches, shaking, or other new physical symptoms. ___
  20. Since D-Day, I get triggered everywhere I go, especially if my husband is with me. ___
  21. My self-esteem is in the toilet. ___
  22. I sometimes have thoughts of suicide. ___