A FREE Gift To Help You Through The Stress of COVID-19 & Life Beyond

Heart Math Experience

We all know we are living through especially challenging times. Millions are trying to survive without incomes, and are forced to depend on food banks to feed their families. Simultaneously, those in healthcare, emergency services, food supply, and other necessary services, are still earning a paycheck, but they’re taking enormous risks with their own health—and lives—to care for the rest of us. Stress on a global scale has never been higher, and never before has peace and calm been more needed.

So it delights me to share with you a wonderful gift that’s been made available to you and every other person on the planet; a gift that normally costs $29.95. I’m using this program to help myself as I face my own fears, stress, and weeks of total isolation during the current pandemic. Titled, The HeartMath Experience, it’s a high-quality, 90-minute online training that equips you with stress-reducing skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. 

This program is especially appropriate now for maintaining emotional balance and mental clarity. Research has shown that practicing these scientifically validated techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, along with practicing compassionate care, especially enhances the immune system and boosts resilience.

HeartMath’s message to you:

Given the extreme need due to COVID-19, as a gesture of our care, HeartMath has decided to provide people all over the world with free access to The HeartMath Experience during the months of April and May, and possibly longer. We sincerely believe these practical tools can be valuable in helping people navigate these unpredictable and challenging times with more ease and clarity.

We invite you to share The HeartMath Experience with friends, family and anyone you think could benefit from the program. To help us spread the word, you can just forward the following message:

Get free access to The HeartMath Experience – a 90-minute interactive online course to help people reduce stress and anxiety, maintain emotional balance, and increase compassionate care – by going to https://store.heartmath.com/heartmath-experience.